In the late 1970s men’s ready-to-wear was approaching a resurgence in Montreal. As the owners of several multi-brand retail stores in the city, BUGATCHI's founders were uniquely positioned to experiment with new, more modern designers, already attracting attention in Europe. Their goal was to test the local market, their advantage being direct contact with their consumer. This contact was instrumental in concepting what the market needed and a stepping stone from which BUGATCHI was launched.


Established in Montreal in 1981 to present a new vision of modern menswear, BUGATCHI cemented its position in the market while incorporating an expertise in print and color that gave the brand a unique place in the market that it still maintains. Designs include fabrics handpicked from the leading European mills with accessories and select ready-to-wear pieces both designed and manufactured in Italy.


As the brand continued to grow in Canada throughout the decade, international operations were established by building a new key market in the United States through its presence in New York City. As a result, BUGATCHI now had the attention of many major retailers and the broader fashion market. This culminated in the brand’s partnership with basketball superstar Michael Jordan to produce the BUGATCHI UOMO for MICHAEL JORDAN collection in 1991.


Moving in the new millennium, BUGATCHI sought to cement itself as an industry leader in certain categories, most notably, the woven shirt. The early 2000s would begin a period of industry dominance for BUGATCHI in shirting, with many major retailers investing in the brand’s ability to source ultra-high quality European fabrics while tapping into BUGATCHI’s decades of experience in print and color. Once the brand established itself as a leader in this category, it continued to further develop its collections by introducing new silhouettes and product categories to the market and in order to establish the full lifestyle of the brand.


The next 10 years saw significant growth for BUGATCHI and its desire to incorporate innovative and novel fabrications became a driving force in the development of its collections. Furthermore, this desire has allowed the brand to come ever closer to its mission of creating collections that empower individual expression by offering luxury fashion, combined with wardrobe essentials, to meet the everyday needs of the wearer.